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The cheapest car rental - car rental that will bring you safety to your destination.

Looking for a car? Great! You are come to the place where you will get a comfortable, safe and modern vehicle - fast, cheap, comfortable. TOPCARS is an easy and cheap car rental. This is your ideal choice that you are really looking for.

Our rental car TOPCARS has been on the market since 2013. We provide car rental for individual customers, as well car rental services for companies, we provide comprehensive services for the whole fleet for the company. Especially for you, our offer in car rental is created to be very attractive. We have an important and simple rule - if you have the Polish citizenship - we do not charge a deposit. With this solution, your finances are not unnecessarily blocked, so that your available funds can be used for another purpose. In the case for renting cars in the short term, we do not have a limit of kilometers, so your travel can be longer and you do not have to worry about any limits.

What do we guarantee?

  • Attractive low prices

    Unique promotions and price opportunities. Big discounts on long term
    and mid-term car rental period.
  • Unlimited kilometers

    With us, you do not have to worry about the mileage limit. With Topcars, we can drive anywhere in the country without extra charge.
  • No deposit

    With Topcars, we do not charge a deposit or any additional rental fee. Enjoy the ride without extra costs.
  • Rich fleet of vehicles and accessories

    In our offer we have a wide selection of car models with different classes and range of equipment, as well as accessories such as car seats, GPS navigation.

Various period of hiring

When the renting is on long term - the mileage is 4,000 km per month (in average). If you need a larger range of kilometers, the offer will be prepared individually, according to your needs. Rental prices in our rental cars starting at 49 zł gross per day in the case of medium-term lease (for 30 days), while in the case of renting a car for a short time, you can enjoy the freedom of travel from 59 zł gross per day.

The next rule is as follows - the longer your reservation lasts, the lower your daily rate. You will not get initial, preparatory or administrative fees. The simple and transparent price list on our website reflects the low prices that are currently payable at the time of issue and we guarantee that no extra charges will be incurred when you receive the keys.

Clear & transparent conditions

The only condition, we put the tenants payment method. For convenience and safety, TOPCARS car rental does not charge cash. All payments are regulated by credit card / debit card or credit tenant.

We accept all cards both Polish and foreign. Our drivers always have a wireless terminal at their disposal. Remember also that the tenant must be a payer and must use his card.

The fleet of vehicles

In our fleet, we have all of the segments of the passenger car segment A or Chevrolet Spark, Skoda Citigo from van and SUV segment up to class R or 9 passenger cars BUS type. Our companys fleet is ready for every need and pocket. You can rent a small city car or a large 9-person BUS. All our cars have air conditioning, central locking, ABS, ASR and radio. The engines that have been chosen for our vehicles are economical and dynamic engines. Thanks to constant cooperation with the SKODA brand, our vehicles are equipped with dynamic TSI engines, which will ensure a fast, comfortable journey and bring you to your destination.

SKODA cars in our company won the ranking reliability. That is why our fleet is constantly expanding with new vehicles of this brand.. Skoda: Citigo, Fabia, Rapid or Octavia are comfortable cars, and each has a different job to do in the narrow urban jungle for comfortable journeys during holiday breaks, but one basic goal of all our vehicles is to safely bring you to your destination. . All our vehicles are clean and tidy. Our fleet is constantly being serviced by the Authorized Vehicle Service Centers so you can feel safe traveling with our vehicles.

All branches in Poland

In order to provide our services to all interested parties in Poland, we inform that we already have branches in: Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Rzeszow.

Car rental prices in each department are the same and are reduced to the maximum. TOPCARS car rental offer is the lowest in Poland.

It is payable

At every place we act in the same way. No matter whether you land at the airport in Modlin or Pyrzowice, you will meet our employees everywhere, who will be releasing our new cars. All you need is to make a reservation through our online form or call our helpline and your chosen car will be clean and tidy to the airport terminal. Our employees,in complement of the protocol, will release of the vehicle (in duplicate), and will collect payment for the vehicle. After these 3 short steps, you can enjoy your rental vehicle until the date of return. If there is a need to extend the rental of a vehicle, then of course, it is only possible to call the Hotline or email us the extension information, our consultants will check the possibility of extension and inform about the existing possibilities.

Pick up a car in Warsaw, and return in Krakow or Gdansk is not a problem, the car transfer between cities is already possible for rent for 3 days and costs 99zł. If you rent over 7 days, you will not pay anything. For the youngest passengers and customers while, we prepared our seats with safety approvals and GPS navigation, which is a great guide you to a destination. With the additional options we have to offer insurance, which will cover your total contribution to the damage at the price of 20 zł per night. Thanks to this insurance you can sleep peacefully and not be afraid for any accidental damage on the vehicle. If you have taken out your own contribution in damages, you are responsible for the damage done on the vehicle up to 0 zł.

For those who already know our offer and rent cars from us, we have prepared special discount program. Rent a car from us today and you will see how easy and convenient it is. After the lease, we invite you to like our fanpage on Facebook. Please, also give us feedback for our car rental, which is very important to us, and certainly, with some new solutions and ideas will help us to improve the quality of our services as well as encourage new customers to rent a car in our company.

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